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Emergency Shoring in NJ

Hale Built Group, certified in Public Works, Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), offers emergency shoring services. Our Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) certification ensures top-notch residential services. Whether post-disaster or for routine needs, our experts deliver rapid-response stabilization, safeguarding your property around the clock.
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Emergency Shoring Services in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic

Imagine this scenario: you're at work when suddenly the ground starts shaking. Then, you hear a loud crash and realize that the building has partially collapsed, leaving most only minutes or seconds to escape.

If anyone were trapped, you would need access to emergency shoring services to ensure a safe escape. Our professionals at Hale Built Group offer emergency shoring services that help to stabilize the structures of buildings and homes. These services help them from collapsing further and give occupants precious time to get out safely.

Given the example, having access to emergency shoring services can differentiate between life and death. This kind of service is typically utilized after an earthquake or other disaster. Still, it can prevent accidents such as falling trees, walls, or other structures. If you own a residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal property, it's crucial to understand how emergency shoring works and how it can protect your investment and save lives.

Read on to learn more about emergency shoring or contact us to get started addressing an emergency.

What is Emergency Shoring Construction?

Emergency shoring is a construction technique used to stabilize buildings or other structures in danger of collapse. Shoring and lagging are essential foundation repair, strengthening, and stabilization processes. It is often used to underpin failing foundations or to support new construction.

  • Shoring involves the installation of steel pillars or wood posts to support the weight of a wall or structure above. 
  • Lagging involves installing plywood or metal sheets between these supports to create a stable surface. 

This blog post will discuss how we use shoring and lagging in emergencies. It will also discuss what to do if you require these services and the advantages of having a professional emergency shoring construction team to help you in an accident or disaster.

What is Sheet Piling in Emergency Shoring Construction?

Sheet piling is an essential tool used in both temporary and permanent emergency shoring situations. A single hammer or hydraulic-vibro-action-machine supports sheet piles (A device that vibrates the sheets into the ground). This device allows it to quickly and effectively shore damaged property and prevent further damage. Generally, sheet piles can bear both vertical and lateral loads, providing needed stability in damaged areas.

In many cases, choosing sheet piles also has additional safety benefits of preventing subcontractors from entering damaged properties due to hazardous conditions. Ultimately, using the correct type of sheet pile can ensure that further maintenance costs and other repairs are limited down the line.

Without sheet pilings, buildings could shift and collapse due to inadequate support. For this reason, many professional house-raising contractors rely heavily on these tools when constructing new buildings or adding to existing ones. They provide deep peace of mind by ensuring stability over time, allowing for success in construction and emergencies.

Advantages of Emergency Shoring Construction

Building construction can be risky, especially when dealing with damaged structures. As experienced house-raising contractors, we understand how easily more damage can occur during construction on an already damaged structure without the necessary safety protocols. Every second counts when a structure is on the border of near ruin, and often using demolition as a method makes issues far worse before making them better. 

Emergency shoring construction services are valuable because they provide the extra stability and support needed to get the job done quickly and safely or evacuate occupants from an emergency. Some of the other advantages of enlisting the help of a professional emergency ring construction team include the following:

· Quality materials and tools: Emergency shoring construction uses only the highest quality materials to ensure stability and safety during an emergency.

· Customized solutions: Our team works with you to create customized plans for your building or property's unique needs and requirements.

· Comprehensive services: We provide emergency shoring and lagging services as needed so that you can get the comprehensive support you need to stabilize and secure your property.

· Timeliness: We believe delays are unacceptable during an emergency. Our team works quickly and efficiently to minimize damage or risk of collapse in the shortest time possible.

Overall, emergency shoring construction services offer various advantages for individuals and businesses dealing with damaged properties. Whether you need help stabilizing a building or evacuating occupants during an emergency, these services are invaluable in preventing further damage and ensuring safety. Need quick and reliable emergency shoring services? - Then look no further than Hale Built Group!

If you suspect you'll need emergency shoring services or already know that our services are required, call us as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the sooner we'll work on your damaged structure!

Types of Shoring Systems

Shoring systems are essential in maintaining buildings' structural integrity, especially when emergency shoring is required. In addition, these systems can shore up a building damaged by natural disasters or other emergencies that may put its safety and stability at risk. There are various shoring systems available for house-lifting contractors to use for this purpose.

The most common types include:

Steel Frames: Steel frames provide more support than wooden structures.

Precast concrete panel shoring provides extra reinforcement and stability.

Jacks & Beams: We use jacks and beams often to stabilize walls and floors in emergencies.

Post Anchors & Helical PilesPost anchors or helical piles help keep the building securely grounded even during extreme weather events.

With the right emergency shoring system in place, any property owner can feel confident that their building is protected and will remain standing for years to come. Please call or schedule a consultation to choose the right system today, or take advantage of our emergency services by calling or scheduling an estimate.

The Pros & Cons of A Temporary Support System

Temporary reinforcement systems can be a literal lifesaver when it comes to shoring up an emergency construction project. They're quick and easy to set up, come in flexible designs and configurations, and offer superior strength for the short-term duration of most shoring applications. However, with the speed of installation comes potential safety risks. If not installed correctly by an experienced contractor, temporary reinforcement could lead to more trouble than they solve.

For advanced projects, using permanent support systems may be advisable to ensure that the stability and longevity sought after are met without any risk to personnel or equipment involved. However, it's important to remember that temporary systems should always be treated with care due to their unpredictable nature and potential dangers if not installed correctly.

Quick, Reliable, & Affordable Emergency Shoring Services

Hale Built Groups provides New Jersey with quick, reliable, and affordable emergency shoring services. Our team has extensive experience working on residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects, regardless of size or scope. We understand the importance of safety and security in an emergency and that having a group available to help can be a lifesaver.

That's why we guarantee a fast response and top-quality solutions every time. In addition, we provide peace of mind by giving our clients industry-leading methods of shoring, underpinning, dynamic load testing, and other related services. These allow clients to rest assured that their problems are being handled professionally from start to finish.

Certified Emergency Shoring Services for Swift and Secure Structural Protection

Embracing an exceptional spectrum of certifications, Hale Built Group stands as a testament to excellence in the construction realm.

With our Public Works Certification, we undertake government building construction, infrastructure maintenance, and more, ensuring the vitality of essential public assets.

As a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), we bring innovation to projects of all scales, from revitalizing local businesses to enhancing commercial properties.

The distinction of being a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) fuels our commitment to both veterans and the community, reflected in projects catering to unique needs and collaborations with like-minded businesses.

Furthermore, our Home Improvement Contractors (HIC) certification solidifies our dedication to crafting comfortable and appealing residential spaces. From emergency shoring to a comprehensive array of services, each certification reinforces our pledge to deliver unmatched expertise and value.

Our Emergency Shoring Case Studies

See how we provide critical support in urgent situations through our emergency shoring case studies.

Featured Case Studies:

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At Hale Built Group, we take emergency shoring very seriously. Our team of experienced contractors and engineers will put your safety first and make sure the job is done right the first time. Our house-living contractors are backed by years of experience, so no matter how complex your shoring needs are, our experts can help you out of any pinch.

Please visit us online or call today to learn more about our emergency shoring services or schedule an estimate!

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