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Foundation Repair
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Structural Excellence Since 1946

New Jersey

Hale Built Group brings comprehensive construction services to New Jersey. With our expertise, we deliver exceptional results for residential and commercial projects. From foundation renovations to insulation solutions, our dedicated team only considers a job done with high-quality results. Partner with Hale Built Group for reliable and quality construction solutions in the state of New Jersey.

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Hale Built Group's New Jersey State Structural Solutions!

As a Mid-Atlantic structural contractor, NJ is a unique area of service for Hale Built. Since our inception in 1946, we have been based in and providing exceptional services to the local community and beyond. Now, almost 77 years later and based in Brick, New Jersey, our experts carry on the decades of passion for ensuring every structural assignment we take on is catered to each client and completed to their exact specifications.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond New Jersey, as we have continued improving since day one. In addition to structural construction services, we offer specialized services such as demolition, encapsulation, emergency shoring, deep foundation installation, and more! If you're looking for superior construction services in NJ, Hale Built is here to guide you and provide.

Contact or schedule an estimate today to start with the structural contractor NJ & Mid-Atlantic clients rely on!

How to Know it's Time to Upgrade Your Property With Home Elevation

As a NJ proprietor, there are specific tasks that everyone should keep at the top of their list. One of the many tasks required to keep your home in tip-top shape is foundation risk reduction, repair, and upgrades. An example solution for all three tasks is to elevate your residence above its current level onto a stronger foundation.

As previously stated, the home elevation process is used for risk reduction, upgrading, and repair. It's a significant risk management option as it's often difficult to maintain the health of your home's foundation when it's affected by groundwater, soil conditions, and more. You can secure your property from a litany of dangers by elevating your home onto a higher, sturdier foundation.

Keeping an eye out for repair indicators like foundation cracks, water damage, local flood warning, leaning chimney stacks, inadequate roof drainage, or other signs of foundation problems can help indicate when to consider investing in a new home foundation.

Take Your Residence to New Heights With Home Elevation!

Are you tired of staring out at the same view day after day but don't want to get rid of your home? It may be time to upgrade your home and elevate your residence with Hale Built's home elevation services. With a better view, you can instantly alter your home's mood and ensure that your property value increases with the scenic change and extra protection from varying forms of damage.

It's a perfect solution if your home risks foundation damage due to rising water levels or if you wish to relocate your property to a better neighborhood. Our experts can design and build new foundation walls or piers depending on your home's sublevel. We can even elevate garages onto piers, allowing you to utilize more space on your property.

So if any of these home elevation services sound like remedies for your foundation issues, don't wait for damage to appear. Hale Built will gladly inspect and guide what needs to be done to elevate your home safely and securely at an affordable rate.

When to Consider New Jersey Foundation Repair Services

As foundation specialists, Hale Built has seen every issue that warrants repair. Typical forms of damage that sublevel repairs resolve include but aren't limited to ceiling, wall, and floor cracks, sinking and settlement from soil movement, bowed and bulging foundation walls, water infiltration, and more.

Rather than wait for these damaging issues to worsen from moisture infiltration, foundation wall instability, or shifting soil surrounding your property, securing affordable services from a reputable source may be ideal. If you live in the area and are looking for invaluable assistance with foundation support or stability efforts, we advise that you get in touch with Hale Built - the only business that has been an industry leader for more than 75+ years!

We Provide Cost-Effective Foundation Repair to Restore & Upgrade Your Property

As previously stated, Hale Built has been in the industry for many decades are well versed in identifying New Jersey's most common forms of foundation damage. That's why we offer top-notch foundation repair services that exceed expectations and stabilize your property for decades. In addition, we have experienced professionals who, through a low-cost or free estimate, will inspect, review, and deliver a deep analysis of the state of your foundation and provide the most suitable services for damage repair or prevention.

With an ever-changing economic landscape of building repair, New Jersey property owners often pay an arm and a leg, even for standard services. That's why we're happy to work with proprietors to budget their projects at a competitive and reasonable rate. So if your home or business requires a professional team familiar with executing repair services at affordable rates, Hale Built is the contractor to call!

Should You Be Seeking Deep Foundation Services?

Are your property's basement walls starting to lean, or are vertical cracks appearing, causing you concern? Have you noticed that floors are beginning to sink and sag, or leaks starting to come from the seams in your concrete block walls? If so, consider investing in deep foundation services. Hale Built works with residents to enhance the stability of their sublevel systems by installing deep foundations like piles and piers beneath their basements.

Deep foundations are best used in place of standard foundation systems when there's increased soil movement in the strata surrounding a home. The pressure and friction from the movement of soil can cause a structure to shift or sink, leading to foundation problems only resolvable by deep foundation repairs. That's why installing sturdier deep foundations like piles and piers made of materials like poured concrete or steel will help stabilize your home, preventing further damage and saving you thousands in the long run.

Choose Our NJ Experts and See Why Hale Built is a Leading Choice

Regarding maintaining a business or home's foundation or structural health, you won't find more experienced experts than those at Hale Built. Our team comprises some of the best home elevation, waterproofing, deep foundations, and shallow foundation contractors NJ has ever seen. As a leading structural repair company in NJ, we approach every job bringing decades of experience, giving the utmost attention to every detail. Moreover, we understand the needs of residents when it comes to home repairs, updates, or entirely new builds, so you can feel confident about having us work on your home. 

Ready to get started? - For structural work NJ proprietors can depend on, we invite you to contact our experts today and discover why Hale Built is consistently a lead choice.

Unforeseen Sources of Stress That Come With Foundation Repair

With every undertaken home or building repair, New Jersey proprietors may stumble upon an unforeseen list of problems causing headaches and stress. Be it nearly imperceptible foundation settling and foundation cracks in the basement walls or foundation sinking in the soil surrounding your home's foundation, it's crucial to have a local contractor like Hale Built inspect and take care of foundation repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, if ignored, the problem will slowly worsen and cost much more money.

Foundation repair requires a knowledgeable team for the best results, and employing Hale Built will ensure that your foundation is adequately remedied. From foundation settlement to foundation cracks, our experts are here to help ensure your sublevel is safe for your property's inhabitants and free from unforeseen sources of stress resulting from issues that affect foundations.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Deep Foundation Troubles

If you've noticed troubling signs like vertical cracks in your sublevel's block walls or believe there are issues with your current poured concrete or steel deep foundation system, don't just turn a blind eye to them, you may have costly and potentially life-threatening problems. These could be signs of impending deep foundation troubles that should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, Hale Built is a local structural solution company that homeowners and businesses trust to get the job done no matter how challenging.

Through hard work and dedication, our company has kept countless New Jersey residents safe from harm by providing them with a thorough inspection and ensuring that all potential problems are addressed precisely. Instead of ignoring their structural situation, those who took action have saved themselves a world of stress. So don't put off getting your deep foundation troubles assessed any longer – contact us today for a free estimate on the job!

Don't Panic! Here's What to Do When You Discover Issues in Your Home Elevation Project

Dealing with issues in a home elevation can be exciting and nerve-wracking, but don't panic — Hale Built is here to help residents get the job done. Whether you've started building something more substantial atop your old basement walls or want to avoid sublevel flooding, Hale Built will provide a low-cost consultation to inspect the problem and provide services quickly.

Their personalized solutions cater to each job, so don't hesitate to request an inspection. Moreover, you can trust that they have your best interests in mind as they approach each situation as local contractors, not salesmen.

The Average Cost of NJ Home Elevation, Deep Foundation, & Foundation Repair Services 

Home elevation, deep foundation, and foundation repair are all methods of maintaining a safe home structure. But, as most would suspect, services can come with a hefty price tag. 

The average price of a home elevation solution is approximately $12,000 to $70,000, depending on your home's size and geographic location. Turn-key home lifts may increase to around $50,000 to $150,000 on average. Deep foundation projects range from $10,000 to $30,000, while foundation repair services can total upwards of $5,000 to $30,000. 

It's important to note that the best way to save money on these jobs is to choose experienced professionals who will get the job done the first time around without any surprise tacked-on fees. Hale Built has provided excellent service for decades, so you know you're getting the best!

Major Factors that Impact the Price of Structural Services

Structural Service Solutions can vary in price depending on a variety of factors. The project's size, complexity, materials, and labor required significantly impact the cost. For larger projects, such as commercial buildings or bridges, the price of structural service solutions can be significantly higher due to the amount of engineering and design work involved. 

Additionally, more expensive materials may be needed for specific projects, increasing the overall cost. Finally, labor costs can vary greatly depending on the location and availability of qualified technicians. All these factors must be considered when estimating the price of structural service solutions.

Have DIY Cost Management Troubles? Here's How to Manage Your Project Budget

Having a DIY budget management system can be difficult, especially when managing your project budget. When creating and managing a project budget, there are many different aspects, such as understanding stakeholder needs, recognizing when circumstances have changed, continuously forecasting, and anticipating scope change. 

Additionally, using a budget tracker, creating a process for loan approvals if needed, comparing budgets from similar projects, considering external factors that may affect the budget, and keeping an eye on costs throughout the project are good budgeting practices. With these tips in mind, you can successfully manage your DIY project's budget and keep everything on track.

Are Your Structural Repair Expenses Too High? - Here's An Easy Fix

Hale Built may not be the only company offering foundation repairs, deep foundations, home elevation, and other structural work NJ needs; however, our team has decades of job budgeting experience that have helped countless proprietors stay in the green.

At Hale Built, we aim to finish every job with efficiency and high standards but at an affordable rate. We understand that these projects are important and sometimes essential investments for our clients, so we strive to provide services at competitive prices. 

For those who are finding the budgeting process challenging or would like to know beforehand how much they may be spending, Hale Built offers comprehensive estimates so you don't go into your project financially unprepared. Furthermore, you don't even have to procure services from us; we'll happily guide you in the right direction - no locked-in contracts are required.

For the structural work NJ properties deserve, call or schedule with us and receive your free to low-cost estimate!

Types of Structural Solutions And Their Best Use Cases

Foundation damage can have a devastating impact on the rest of your home. Thankfully, there are a variety of sublevel repair solutions available. However, different solutions may be best suited for your needs depending on the severity and cause of the damage. For example, slab foundations may require stabilizing steel or helical piers. In contrast, pier and beam foundations may need mudjacking or helical anchors to level them out. In addition, soil stabilization services can help prevent further damage from occurring in the future.

Foundation Wall Repair Solutions

Foundation wall repair solutions are essential for ensuring the structural integrity of your home. Whether you have a bowed or cracked foundation wall, several options are available to help restore your home's stability. These include caulking and painting, taping and texturing, removing and replacing a section of your drywall, or using a wall repair system such as GeoLock, CarbonArmor, or PowerBrace.

With these systems, walls can be stabilized and straightened back to their original position. Carbon fiber strips can also support the foundation wall and prevent further bowing or cracking. Before locking into a specific wall repair solution, we recommend contacting a professional to assess your foundation and determine the best solution for your needs.

Insulation & Waterproofing Solutions For Foundation Walls

Hale Built is a premier NJ waterproofing company that offers insulation and waterproofing services for foundation walls. We specialize in waterproofing, sublevel repair, encapsulation, mold remediation, and more. We only use the latest approved technology and products to ensure your foundation walls are adequately insulated and waterproofed. With a mission to keep the sublevels of Jersey dry and a commitment to excellence, you can trust that our New Jersey waterproofing company can guarantee satisfaction with our work.

Joist & Girder Solutions

Hale Built is a top provider of joist and girder solutions in NJ. Our experienced service team provides these structural repair services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We offer a wide range of joist or girder-related services, such as the repair and installation of beams, angles, channels, bars, sheets, plates, tubing & pipes, expanded metal & gratings, joists, girders, and more.

Concrete & Sublevel Solutions

Hale Built offers a variety of concrete, basement, and crawl space services in the New Jersey area. Our team of experts can provide services for basement waterproofing, sublevel wall, ceiling, & crack repair, crawl space encapsulation, concrete leveling, radon mitigation, and more. We advise contacting our professionals for more information on the many forms of foundation repair New Jersey proprietors often employ.

Shoring, Lagging, & Sheet Solutions

Hale Built offers shoring, lagging, and sheet solutions in its local Jersey service area. Shoring is commonly used to support an excavation during construction or repair. Lagging is horizontal material used to prevent soils from entering the excavation site. Sheets are steel sheets driven into the ground to form a wall that can be used to retain soil or water. Soldier piles and lagging walls are two of the most popular shoring techniques used by Hale Built. 

The soldier pile and lagging method involve driving vertical steel piles into the ground with horizontal lagging between them to retain soil. Sheet piling is also a popular solution for shoring as it can be used for high-ground water, seawalls, retaining walls, floodwalls, and more. With these services at hand, Hale Built provides safe and reliable shoring, lagging, and sheet solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial jobs with ease.

Pier & Pile Solutions

Hale Built offers comprehensive pier and pile services for Jersey State. Our experienced team of engineers can design a custom solution to meet your needs, whether it's a helical pile, driven pile, precast concrete pile, timber pile, or any other pile system. We also offer cathodic protection systems for piers and other structures that need corrosion prevention in acidic soil.

When Are Home Elevation Services the Ideal for Your Home?

Home elevation services are ideal for Jersey homeowners who live in areas prone to flooding and other natural disasters. Elevating your home can help protect it from storm surges, heavy rains, and other extreme weather events. It also helps to reduce the risk of water damage, mold growth, and other structural issues that can occur when a home is not properly elevated. 

Our experienced contractors provide home elevation services in Jersey with the knowledge and expertise to raise your home safely and effectively. We'll ensure that your home is lifted to standard to withstand any potential threats from mother nature.

New Foundation Solutions

We're a full-service house lifting, moving, and foundation repair business based in Jersey State. Our experienced professionals use the latest tools and technology to provide you with the best new foundation solutions for your home. We specialize in deep foundations and home elevation services that offer new foundations to help protect your home from future damage. Our team also provides house-raising services to ensure your home is safe and secure. With our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Lifting & Relocation Solutions

Hale Built is one of NJ's highest-rated house-raising and structural restoration businesses. Our team is equipped with the tools to provide reliable lifting and relocation services for your project, no matter how big or small. We offer home elevation, structural moving, helical pile installation, and foundation demolition services. 

Our well-trained and experienced crews maintain a rigid quality standard and utilize only the state-mandated Unified Jacking equipment. Our friendly staff will ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently. With Hale Built, you can trust that your lifting and relocation needs will be taken care of with the utmost respect.

Emergency Shoring Solutions

Hale Built is the premier provider of emergency solutions in Jersey. We use the latest modernized tools and technology to provide comprehensive structural solutions for any situation. We specialize in house raising, sublevel structures, and deep foundation services. Our commitment to quality and customer service sets us apart from local contractors. So whether you're dealing with an emergency or looking for a long-term shoring solution, Hale Built has you covered.

Turn-key Home Solutions

Our experienced professionals can provide you with a complete range of services, from sublevel structural repair and home elevation to deep foundation services. We have the expertise and resources to get your home market-ready, move-in-ready, and all other home renovations. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service that ensures your satisfaction every step of the way. Contact us today for more information about our turn-key home services in Jersey!

Take the Stress Out of Your Project With Help From Hale Built Group!

Are you looking for a leading structural repair company in NJ? With over 75 years of service in the industry and an accumulated 200 years between our tenured contractors, Hale Built comprises highly-trained professionals with all the tools and knowledge necessary to complete your project quickly and efficiently. We understand how stressful these projects can be, so we strive to make the process as stress-free as possible for our customers. 

Contact us today for a low-cost estimate, and let us take the stress out of your project!

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New Jersey License Numbers:
HEC# 13HE00001990
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Founded by veterans, the Hale family of companies has been a leading foundation repair company in New Jersey since 1946. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-oriented company that hires local crew members and former service members. 

Each project has intricacies that deserve individual attention. We never employ salespeople. You’ll meet with a professional with a distinct understanding of solving complex problems and providing solutions within your budget. We come to your project to solve it, not to sell you what you don’t need. 

We're reliable partners for every foundation repair, home elevation, waterproofing, and deep foundation project you undertake throughout New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic.
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