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Push Piers in NJ

Discover the expertise of Hale Built Group, a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Home Improvement Contractor (HIC). Our push pier foundation repair services provide crucial support and stabilization for both commercial and residential properties. Trust our certified team to drive steel piers into the ground beneath your foundation, ensuring lasting stability.
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Push Piers in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic

In our experience as deep foundation contractors, the "push pier" has emerged as a competitive repair choice in New Jersey. The push pier is the right solution for many NJ foundation problems, whether to solve pre-existing settlement problems due to unsuitable soils or to cure cracked foundation walls; Hale built is ready to stabilize your residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial project! We even provide comprehensive estimates on your foundation issues, eliminating those pesky charges to get started!

We invite you to call us today or continue reading to learn how push piers may help solve your foundation problems!

What is a Push Pier?

Push Piers are resistance piers that work against the resistance of the soil around them. It is different from jacked piles, which move soil out of the way and instead use hydraulic pressure to transfer the weight directly onto the weaker ground beneath. The saturability of hydraulic soil is measured using hydraulic instruments and is commonly called the "soil pressure."

The soil tries to resist this movement as push piers are driven into the soil. As more load is added on top of a pier, so does the resistance from these surrounding soils. This process creates a structure that can remain stable even under significant loading and will help support your New Jersey home foundation for years.

Whereas jacked piles lift between the ground level, push piers press against the coming resistance while being secured in place. This makes them perfect for reinforcement in areas where lifting isn't suitable.

Why use Push Piers for Foundation Repair?

If installed by a professional, push pier systems make a safe and long-lasting option for your foundation repair needs! This pier system also works well with heavier structures. This is because of the building's greater weight, which causes the piers to sink into the ground and stabilize the foundation.

It's a fast and permanent repair option that doesn't see the usage of concrete, nor does it involve drilling into the walls of the home or building. Push pier installations allow your home or building to be used safely and without structural damage, even during the repair process.

Below, we've listed several benefits to push piers to give you a general overview of why one may invest in a push pier system.

  • Fast & Easy
  • Supports Heavier Structures
  • Permanent Repair
  • No Concrete Usage
  • No Need for Wall Drilling

How do I Know if I Need Push Piers?

If you're in the foundation industry and considering investing in push pier systems, there are a few critical criteria to evaluate.

First, you'll need to assess the required depth for the installed system; reaching a proper depth is necessary to support the building's weight. Additionally, improper installation can cause additional problems that cost time and money, so ensuring appropriate depth is essential.

Finally, any manufacturer you choose should have comprehensive reviews with an established presence within the industry to provide peace of mind that their product works as intended. Investing in quality push pier systems is essential and should not be taken lightly.

How is the Push Pier Installed?

The installation of push piers begins with examining the building's foundation. After identifying the area of service, our expert team will start excavating around the perimeter of the foundation.

Once the excavating is complete, metal brackets will be placed around the base of the foundation and attached using either expansion bolts or concrete anchors. A hydraulic ram is then used to drive steel pipes (piers) into the ground until they reach an ideal load-bearing stratum. The piers are then connected to the brackets, and the excavated areas are filled back in.

How Push Piers Differ from Other Foundation Piers

Push piers have many advantages over other methods of foundation repair, such as slab jacking and helical piers. For one, push piers are less invasive because there is no need to excavate around the perimeter of your home to install them.

The pier sections are much thinner than traditional concrete or steel piers, requiring fewer drilled holes in your foundation. Since the pile's driven with a hydraulic ram, it's quick, clean, and brings minimal disturbance to your yard and wallet!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pile Foundation

In the realm of deep foundations, a push pier system can be an excellent option for repairing and stabilizing structures in areas where the soils are unsuitable. This system usually comprises steel pilings that are hydraulically driven deep into the ground until they reach deep and strong layers of soil, also known as load-bearing strata.

There are many advantages to choosing this type of foundation; most importantly, it offers stability and can help elevate a building up and above potential water sources. On the downside, the installation process for deep foundation systems requires specialized equipment and expertise, meaning this method can incur additional costs in labor and materials.

Furthermore, the results achieved with deep foundations might only sometimes be so satisfactory over time due to ever-shifting soil conditions.

Certified Push Pier Foundation Repair in NJ

Hale Built Group stands as a testament to excellence, holding multiple essential certifications including being a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and Home Improvement Contractor (HIC).

These credentials empower us to offer a range of top-notch services, from push pier foundation repair for commercial and residential properties to meticulous construction and remodeling projects. Our certified experts guarantee that your project benefits from both our specialized skills and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate on Push Piers Services in NJ

Supporting structures with push piers is a reliable and long-term solution for unstable soil, load redistribution, and foundation settlement.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you determine if push piers are the best solution for your municipal, residential, commercial, or industrial structural problem. So if you're looking for a permanent repair that won't disrupt your daily life and budget, push piers are a solution worth exploring.

Hale Built Group consists of some of New Jersey's top-trained engineers who develop solutions that stand the test of time. Get started on setting up your foundation for success today by giving us a call or scheduling a consultation.

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