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Emergency Shoring: Collapsed Foundation Wall

Hale Built Group's swift response to an emergency foundation wall collapse showcased our proficiency. Within a mere 6 hours, we strategically shored the home, curtailing deflection to just an inch. This feat speaks to our 24/7 emergency team's preparedness for unexpected situations across New Jersey.

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During Images
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In the face of an abrupt foundation wall collapse, Hale Built Group's immediate intervention focused on shoring up the house to curb further deterioration.
Photographic documentation on page 3 illustrates our swift and strategic shoring actions, effectively preventing substantial deflection and preserving the home's integrity.
With just a single inch of deflection, Hale Built Group's rapid-response emergency team secured the home's stability, setting the stage for a foundation replacement.
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HEC# 13HE00001990
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Founded by Veterans, the Hale family of companies has been a leading Foundation Repair Company in New Jersey since 1946. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-oriented company that hires local crew members and former service members. Each project has intricacies that deserve individual attention. We do not employ salespeople. You’ll meet with a professional with a distinct understanding of solving complex problems and providing solutions within your budget. We come to the project to solve it, not to sell you what you don’t need. 

We are your reliable partners in every foundation repair and deep foundation project you undertake throughout New Jersey & the surrounding states.
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