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Pharmacy Shoring

Hale Built was tasked with providing a design-build solution for stabilizing and shoring a prominent pharmacy plaza located in New Milford, NJ, which suffered from severe foundation settlement issues. The building's exterior foundation footings and wall had sunk, causing shearing and buckling of the interior bearing wall and separation of the roof.

The Hale Built team took the reins by providing value engineering to analyze the comparative weight of carbon fiber strips against the core-filling of the buckling walls. First, the building foundation was underpinned with grouted helical piles to 50+ feet.

After the interior carbon fiber was installed, the team shored and leveled the large steel roof system. Finally, we replaced a substantial amount of the 12” masonry walls and reinstalled the doors and compactor chute.

All was done without substantially disrupting the operating retail tenant. There are many advantages of having several disciplines represented by one company, especially when time, budget, and minimum disruption are among the primary concerns.

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First, multiple 12" vertical and horizontal carbon fiber strips were installed to stabilize the interior wall. To tie the I-beam roof joists to the carbon fiber strips, our we designed a site specific solution. The technicians used custom welded brackets that were installed at 6ft vertical and horizontal intervals. The crew then installed custom designed and fabricated galvanized attachments to the footing below the slab with epoxied studs to receive the brackets holding the carbon fiber under the new slab.
Next, to stabilize the building, the Hale Built crew installed 20 grouted high capacity underpinning helical piles. The footing the pile's rested on was found to be 2ft thick by 6ft wide. With this solution, our team safely secured the building so the shoring and wall replacement could begin. To shore the commercial-grade I-Beam joists, our team used adjustable columns, a unique yet innovative approach to stabilization. After the columns were installed the roof was now level, allowing the new masonry wall construction to continue.
Finally, with the foundation supported, roof shored, and buckling interior walls secured, our team removed the compactor chute. We then rolled up the steel door and about 30ft of the 18ft tall failed foundation wall. This wall was tied to the existing block below the storage area and slab. The repair was efficient and cost less than traditional methods of complete replacement. Overall, Hale Built successfully stabilized and shored the commercial building, ensuring the safety of the workers and occupants. The use of carbon fiber strips, grouted helical piles, innovative shoring techniques, and masonry retrofitting, demonstrates the company's commitment to providing effective, innovative, and timely solutions to complex building repair problems.
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