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New Floor System & Girders

Smaller homes like the one worked on in this case study are typically built on slabs and raised for stability and storage.

This process involves lifting and shoring the home, installing new supports and a new floor system, installing the girders and any extra supports, and having the lower drywall removed for reframing after the utility connections and home contents are stored.

The process is quick and effective and often provides a new living space under the home for a patio, extra storage, or parking. In these photos, you’ll see how the floor system is built while being supported.

Before Images
During Images
After Images
Small homes in this NJ neighborhood are mainly built on slabs without a traditional flooring system. This construction choice resulted in limited living space, storage options, and little to no designated parking areas. The lower drywall of this particular property also needed to be removed every time the contents were stored, inconveniencing the residents. The lack of a proper floor system also posed a potential safety hazard from the threat of flooding. After receiving a quote, the residents hired Hale Built Group to rectify these issues.
To address the limitations of the home, Hale Built Group installed a new floor system, girders, and connections. The process involved carefully removing the lower drywall and supporting the home while the new floor system and supports were installed. This provided a living space under the home for a patio, storage, and designated parking area. The installation was quick and effective, with minimal disruption to the residents, though it did not come without challenges. The contractors at the site had to be careful not to damage the home's connections while excavating the concrete slabs, as connections like water pipes were directly under when the slabs were to be installed. Other connections like electricity cables had to be run through the newly installed floor, which proved less challenging, though still a considerable feat.

  • Removed lower drywall
  • Installed new floor system, girders, supports, & connections
  • Provided living space under the home for patio, storage, & parking
  • Quick and effective installation
  • Minimal disruption to residents
Installing the new floor system, girders, and connections greatly improved the quality of living for the residents of this New Jersey home. They now have designated parking areas, additional storage options, and a more spacious living area. The removal of the lower drywall and installation of the new floor system also enhanced the safety of the home, providing assistance from potentially damaging flood waters. The process was completed without major issues or delays, and the residents were satisfied with the final outcome. - Added designated parking areas - Added Additional storage options - Added A Spacious living area - Enhanced safety from flooding - Completed without issues or delays - Satisfied residents, neighbors, and local officials
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