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Home Lift, Garage Revamp

Discover the transformative power of a house lift and garage conversion in Bay Head, NJ. Our team managed to increase a home's value and create additional living space with specialized lifting and moving solutions.

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A charming home in Bay Head, NJ presented the perfect opportunity for a house lift and garage conversion project. The homeowners sought to maximize the potential of their property by gaining valuable square footage and enhancing their living experience.
Hale Built Group embarked on the ambitious task of lifting the house to 8ft plus, allowing for the conversion of the garage into functional living space. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed the project, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the home throughout the lifting process.
The successful completion of the house lift and garage conversion project brought about a remarkable transformation. The additional living space not only fulfilled the homeowners' need for more room but also substantially increased the value of their property. With a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, the elevated living experience truly exceeded their expectations.
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New Jersey License Numbers:
HEC# 13HE00001990
HIC# 13VH08115000
Founded by veterans, the Hale family of companies has been a leading foundation repair company in New Jersey since 1946. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family-oriented company that hires local crew members and former service members. 

Each project has intricacies that deserve individual attention. We never employ salespeople. You’ll meet with a professional with a distinct understanding of solving complex problems and providing solutions within your budget. We come to your project to solve it, not to sell you what you don’t need. 

We're reliable partners for every foundation repair, home elevation, waterproofing, and deep foundation project you undertake throughout New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic.
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