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Historic Home Shoring

This complicated home was unconventionally framed with a unique balloon-framed element and a block-reinforced joist bay. The GC needed to add a wine cellar and all three stories had severe rot in the outer stud walls, sills, and joists.

There was a false exterior wall to support the stucco, making maintaining bearing challenging. The team designed a shoring method whereby the old masonry could be removed, the timber portions repaired and enhanced, and the foundation masons could work comfortably in amongst the shoring equipment.

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A residential renovation of a residential home in Sea Girt, NJ, took a dangerous turn when the contractor discovered the absence of a footing after over-digging the basement section. The compromised foundation resulted in a partial collapse, putting not only employees but also neighboring homes at risk. The homeowners were forced to evacuate and the property was condemned until the situation was resolved. Hale Built Group was called upon to stabilize the foundation, repair and replace damaged components, and restore the foundation to local code specifications.
Hale Built Group quickly responded to the emergency call, arriving at the site to stabilize the compromised structure. The team employed their extensive knowledge and expertise to: Evaluate the site: HBG conducted a comprehensive assessment of the damage and identified the appropriate shoring techniques needed for the repair. Develop a custom shoring plan: HBG designed and executed a tailored shoring plan to safely support the structure during the repair process. Collaborate with local authorities: The HBG team worked closely with local officials and adhered to all safety guidelines and regulations to minimize disruption to the community.
Thanks to the quick actions of Hale Built Group, the property was safely shored, enabling the repairs to proceed with the foundation repair with minimal disruption. The benefits of HBG's shoring solution included: Preserved the Structure: HBG's shoring prevented further collapse of the foundation, preserving the integrity of the structure and allowing the necessary repairs to be conducted. Provided A Safe Repair Environment: The shoring system provided a safe environment for the foundation repair work to be conducted without further risk to employees or neighboring structures, and without extensively delaying the foundation repair. Effectively Sped Up The Repair Process: The customized shoring plan allowed the repair team to work efficiently, minimizing the total downtime of the renovation project.
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