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Foundation Addition Shoring

This balloon-framed, approximately 100 year old home had a failing foundation discovered during renovation. The team shored it to the new basement depth so our masonry crew could mend the old and build the new. 

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In Asbury, NJ, a renovation project on a balloon-framed home revealed a failing foundation in the approximately 100-year-old structure. This unexpected issue required prompt action to ensure the stability and integrity of the building.
To address the foundation issue and facilitate the addition of a basement, our skilled team implemented a comprehensive shoring solution. The shoring process involved carefully supporting the existing structure to accommodate the excavation and construction of the new basement. By stabilizing the failing foundation and shoring it to the desired depth, we created a secure working environment for our masonry crew.

Key points during the shoring process:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of the existing foundation to determine the extent of the damage and the required shoring support.
  • Implemented strategic shoring techniques to provide stability and structural reinforcement during the foundation repair and basement construction.
  • Coordinated closely with our masonry crew to ensure seamless collaboration and a smooth transition from the shoring phase to the subsequent repairs and construction.
With the foundation shored to the new basement depth, our dedicated masonry crew began the crucial task of mending the old foundation and constructing the new one. By leveraging their expertise and craftsmanship, they meticulously restored the structural integrity of the home. The successful completion of the shoring process enabled our team to proceed with the necessary repairs and construction, ensuring a solid foundation for the future of the property. Key points after the shoring process: Mended the existing foundation, addressing any structural deficiencies and ensuring its stability. Constructed a new basement as part of the renovation project, expanding the usable space and enhancing the functionality of the home. Completed the shoring process on time, allowing for a seamless transition to the subsequent construction phases and ensuring the project's overall success. Overall, the shoring process for the foundation addition with a basement in Asbury, NJ exemplified our commitment to structural safety, meticulous planning, and seamless collaboration between our teams. The successful completion of this case study demonstrates our ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results for our clients.
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