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Investing in shore protection is a safe measure for anyone living in New Jersey. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial entity, shoring and lagging services can help protect your property from the harsh coastal weather. At Hale Built Group, we specialize in the installation of effective and affordable shoring and lagging/sheet systems. We offer installations to all occupants in the entire state of New Jersey with superior quality materials and experienced technicians who will take extra measures to make sure your assets are secure.
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New Jersey Shoring & Lagging / Sheet Construction

Often for many NJ businesses and homeowners, shoring and lagging go overlooked as part of maintaining a property. Yet, shoring is crucial to keeping businesses up and running, as ensuring the floors and walls are stable is vital for safety. Without proper shoring and lagging, your building could be at risk for severe damage - not to mention the health and safety of your employees.

As professional contractors in New Jersey, we've seen firsthand the importance of shoring and lagging in keeping a residential or commercial property in top condition. In this blog post, we'll share some essential information about shoring and lagging so you can make sure your property is up to code.

What is Shoring & Lagging / Sheet Construction?

A common question at our company is, "What is shoring and lagging?"; shoring temporarily supports a structure or excavated area while repairs or construction are being done. Lagging uses materials like wood or steel to shore up an excavation site, but there's a little more to it than that.

Shoring and lagging/sheet piling is a construction technique used to shore up an existing structure or build a temporary structure. These methods are helpful when working around an existing structure, as they provide stability and support.

Depending on the size and scale of the existing structure, shoring can involve anything from cribbing to large diagonal poles for reinforcing walls or floors. It's also used with diaphragm walls that use steel sheets to limit the lateral displacement of soil. Sometimes, sheet piling extends the existing base or supports existing backfill walls.

For these techniques to successfully prevent the movement of existing or new structures, it is essential to have someone at your disposal. Luckily New Jersey has someone like Hale Built Group, a contractor who knows how to read plans and understand sound shoring practices. With the right team, execution, and shoring & lagging/sheet piling techniques, you can effectively provide additional protection against your shifting or collapsing structures.

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Sheet Piles in Shoring Construction

In order to maintain a stable excavation, shoring and lagging are necessary. However, sheet pile walls are effective when shoring a construction site.

Sheet piling is a type of construction method used for shoring and lagging. It comprises sheet pile wall plates typically driven into the ground to retain dry granular material behind them. This option offers a quick, cost-effective solution for creating effective wall support in temporary and permanent applications.

Sheet piles provide stability from soil pressures during excavation and waterproofing qualities. This quality makes sheet piles an optimal choice for shoring trenches, sheeting walls, sheeting sheet dam units, and sheeting rock slopes. 

In addition, sheet piling construction is often completed with minimal disturbance to adjacent structures. Therefore, it is commonly used in locations with limited site access or where environmental protection is necessary.

When Should You Consider Shoring & Lagging Servies?

Generally, shoring and lagging/sheet services may need to be considered for a home or business if there is a defective load-bearing wall. It's vital to evaluate where your foundation may need extra support for existing beams, posts, joists, and other structural elements to meet the required load capacity. 

Suppose you need clarification about your structure's status. In that case, our professional contractors will conduct accurate inspections to ensure that your load-bearing walls comply with building codes or industry standards. This evaluation should be carried out by a trained professional to identify weak structures. 

Safety alone is a major reason one should consider obtaining a professional assessment to identify defective structures that need attention before it's too late. Our New Jersey contractors take pride in that our shoring and lagging systems help prevent significant damage and injury. However, if you'd rather avoid working with expert contractors, anyone can self-diagnose a defective wall or support structure.

Deep Excavations vs. Shallow Excavations

When performing shoring and lagging construction, there is a significant difference between deep excavations and shallow excavations. Generally, deep excavations require an engineered shoring system to eliminate hazards, while shallow excavations only require manual labor with minimal excavation. 

As such, if the project calls for a deep excavation (Six feet or deeper), consult a competent engineer to design a specific shoring system to ensure the safety and longevity of the project. Such systems are expensive, making it the contractor's responsibility to ensure they remain within the budget set out by their client.

While some may see this as an extreme measure for a small job, preventing accidents or misfortunes during the workload process is necessary.

Types of Shoring & Lagging / Sheet Piling

Many shoring products are available on the market today, so it's essential to choose the right one for your project. In the following sections, we'll discuss the different types of shoring and lagging, as well as how to select the right product for your needs.

Build A Continuous Wall With Secant Pile Walls

The secant pile shoring method is one of the most popular, as it involves drilling deep holes through which we install secant piled walls.

Secant pile shoring is formed by intersecting two combinations of piles; a "reinforced," also called a secondary pile, and an "un-reinforced" or primary pile, interlocking to form a continuous wall. This wall generally extends beyond the excavated area, offering stability and supporting the earth behind it.

Raking Shores

Raking shores are powerful tools for trench shoring and lagging construction. Whether the soil is sand or clay, these steel frameworks can protect and hold trench walls against deep excavation. In addition, they provide optimal safety by firmly supporting trench walls while workers are inside the deep excavation trench.

Professionals use these tools because they are versatile, cost-efficient, and highly effective when combined with proper installation, good judgment, and experience in trench shoring construction.

Soldier Pile Walls (H / I Beam Shoring)

Soldier Pile walls, also known as H / I-Beam Shoring, are becoming increasingly popular as a shoring solution for many types of projects due to their effectiveness in maintaining soil stability and providing support during construction. In addition, they are ideally suited for projects requiring temporary shoring support, such as shoring and lagging construction.

Soldier Pile walls consist of concrete or wood piles regularly driven into the soil and linked with reinforced concrete walers. These walls take less time to install than conventional methods. This trait makes them an excellent choice for contractors and project owners wanting to reduce labor costs while earning safety benefits.

The modern soldier pile wall system offers an efficient and cost-effective means of providing temporary shoring support that's easily removed once the project is complete.

Tangent Pile Shoring

Tangent pile or "contiguous pile" shoring is another excellent option, as this method does not require deep drilling into the soil and instead relies on pushing steel piles into the ground to form the necessary walls for support. Your foundation can also use these same walls to create secant pile walls, where two piles come together to provide additional stability.

Ultimately, contractors and clients should remember to consider all their options when deciding what type of shoring methods and materials are suitable for a particular project. That'sThat's why we aim to educate clients and other contractors to produce optimal safety outcomes — no matter which method is chosen!

Trust a Local New Jersey Shoring & Lagging/Sheet Expert

The safety of your property and surrounding environment is our top priority at Hale Built Group. We understand that the weather in New Jersey can be unpredictable and cause severe damage to structures on your land. So, we provide our shoring and lagging/sheet services to help strengthen buildings against potential structural degradation due to heavy winds, flooding, and other environmental factors.

Our specialized services have been helping New Jersey residents for years, and many families have expressed appreciation for the protection they receive against unforeseen damages. Furthermore, our highly skilled team has an extensive knowledge of geotechnical engineering to handle a wide range of challenges, from minor residential issues to large commercial projects all over the state.

In addition to providing necessary safety elements for buildings, we also communicate with our clients about the best solutions that fit their budgets. With Hale Built Group, rest assured your safety and satisfaction are our main priorities in every project.

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Hale Built Groups understands that shoring and lagging/sheet services can be expensive and time-consuming. That's why we take pride in providing both commercial and residential entities with quality-assured service for an affordable price.

We want you to be confident in our work throughout the entire process. That's also why we offer estimates to show the value of our services before you set your sights on a final solution. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and brings the closest attention to detail regarding your project.

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