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Enhance your project's foundation strength with Hale Built Group's certified micro pile service. As a certified Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE), including Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), we excel in advanced deep foundation techniques, ensuring resilient and efficient structures. Count on Hale Built Group's certified expertise to bolster your foundation and deliver exceptional results.
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Deep Foundation Micro Pile System Solutions For New Jersey

As a New Jersey business or property owner, it's wise to always look for solutions to save money and increase efficiency. For example, when it comes to your foundation, one way to achieve both of these goals is to consider a deep foundation micropile installation.

Micro piles are a type of deep foundation pile that can provide superior support for your structure while being more cost-effective than traditional methods. Micro piles are versatile and can be used for various applications, the two most popular being new construction projects or to repair existing residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal structures.

So, if you're interested in taking advantage of or learning more about micro-pile installations for your New Jersey property or business, speak with our foundation experts today!

What Are Micro Piles?

A micro-pile is a deep foundation element constructed for a deep bearing capacity that far outnumbers standard shallow foundations. This measure allows micro piles to have much higher load capacity when compared to traditional helical pile foundations, which makes them ideal for applications where deep and secure foundations are needed.

Micro piles are mini piles, root piles, and pin piles. These are a form of helical piers used when problematic subterranean conditions are present. In some cases, they're referred to as screw piles, but not in every case study, so be sure to be well-researched before any project begins.

Micro piles offer an innovative deep foundation element with weight and stability not found in other types of deep or shallow foundations, rendering them popular for specialized use, such as engineering projects.

How Are Micro Piles Installed?

Micro piles are installed using a drilling technique for structural support and cast-in-place piling. Installation begins by drilling a small hole into the subsurface ground. The high-strength cement grout is pumped into the hole, and a reinforcement load bar is placed in its center.

Lastly, torque is applied to the pile tip to ensure soil cohesion around its helical bearing plates, followed by installing pile caps on top of the pile shaft. Micro piles are cost-effective, require minimal drilling rig size, and are time efficient; they can provide quick foundation stabilization or underground support for new foundations.

Micro Piles vs. Helical Piles: What's the Difference?

Helical and micro piles are pilings staples to the construction industry but have many distinctions. Helical piles consist of metal poles with helix plates drilled into the ground to provide support and stability for any building structure or above-ground support. On the other hand, micro piles are usually smaller than helical piles; they consist of rods drilled into the earth's surface and frequently work as anchors when designed for a specific need.

Although these two pilings differ in size and composition, they both provide essential stability to any project. Helical piles offer more underlying support than micros, but micros require less preparation time and can be better equipped for more specific scenarios. Determining which type of piling depends on the project at hand-- what kind of earth composition it needs to penetrate, how much space is available, and so on.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when deciding between helical or micro pilings; contractors must consider all factors when selecting the best option for their given situation.

Using Micro Piles With Lateral Loads

Micro piles are the ideal solution when dealing with construction project lateral loads. Micro piles are great for transferring downward, outward, and upward forces and rotational moments when battered together in soil. They need minimal excavation, and a small shaft diameter excavated quickly and cost-effectively.

Common load types that micro piles absorb include retaining walls, structures subject to overturning or sliding forces, wind or seismic loads on tall structures, the foundation of sign poles in heavily trafficked locations, etc. When correctly designed and supervised, they represent the most cost-effective solution.

Other Deep Foundation Elements To Consider For Structural Support

Working with micro piles is just the tip of the iceberg regarding deep foundation engineering. If you're looking for other piles that can fill the same role as micro piles, consider helical piles, conical piles, and screw piles. Each pile type offers unique advantages compared to traditional excavation methods and is perfect for deep footings when soil conditions become challenging.

Additionally, these systems have relatively low installation costs over the lifetime of a project, making them especially attractive for long-term projects. As a bonus, each pile type has a high load capacity and can be easily adjusted once installed to accommodate varying infrastructure requirements in your project's design.

In short: these potential alternatives should be explored when looking for an effective form of structural support in various situations.

Certified Micro Pile Services: Strengthening Foundations for Superior Structures

Elevate your construction project's foundation integrity through Hale Built Group's certified micro pile service. Our expertise as a certified Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE), with the added distinction of being a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), empowers us to deliver cutting-edge deep foundation techniques.

These micro piles ensure structural durability, particularly valuable for challenging terrains and sites. Rely on Hale Built Group's certified prowess to safeguard your project from unforeseen complications, enhancing stability and ensuring successful outcomes.

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At Hale Built Group, our Micro Pile deep foundation system is an advanced and secure method to ensure the structural integrity of various New Jersey projects. With the ability to design and install in a wide range of geotechnical conditions, we provide maximum stability for your deep foundation project. Our team is equipped with knowledgeable estimators, designers, and installation specialists, ready to provide an effective solution that meets your unique needs. So make sure your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal foundation is supported - let our experienced professionals get your project off solid footing!

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