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Our experts specialize in all things joist related and can provide fast and cost-effective repairs for your properties. By partnering with us, you benefit from our extensive experience and industry knowledge which allows us to locate and fix issues quickly. Whether it's a simple beam replacement or a long-span project, we've got your back!
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Ceiling and Floor Joist Repair and Service Solutions For New Jersey

As contractors and homeowners in New Jersey, Hale Built knows how much damage homes sustain in this coastal region. So if you recognize signs of your home's floor or ceiling joist decay, it's crucial to manage it as soon as possible in a responsible manner. If left unaddressed, your home's structure can become dangerously unstable and potentially life-threatening.

Hale Built Foundation Repair team identifies the source of your joist damage, makes the required repairs, and then is out of your hair before you know it. With us, you'll know exactly which structural repair service your house needs and its cost from start to finish - no headaches or extra tacked-on service fees.

So don't let your home's support systems fail, leaving your family at risk. Let us help you with your joist repair needs in New Jersey today! Call today to get started or schedule an estimate to learn more about your project from our professional contractors.

What are Floor Joists?

Floor joists play an essential role in natural wood construction for support structures. They are wide timber boards arranged on top of floor frames - usually across the walls to support floorboards. Floor joists help ensure everything stays balanced and in place within a structure's floor frame, making them a vital part of construction projects.

Monitoring and repairing floor joists is vital to ensure they remain in good shape. If they're allowed to stay damaged, a structure's flooring may become damaged or uneven. However, if floor joists become substantially damaged due to weather or age, consulting a joist repair expert and promptly repairing or replacing these crucial elements is the best remedy.

The Primary Causes of Floor and Ceiling Joist Damage

Floor and ceiling joists can suffer from damage for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from foundation settlement, natural decay caused by age or moisture, or inadequate support due to poor installation. As experienced contractors, we know first-hand how these factors can cause minor and more severe issues if not addressed quickly and correctly. In upcoming sections of this article, I'll dive deeper into the major causes of damaged joists and what can be done to prevent further complications.

Foundation Settlement

When supporting soils below a structure compress or move, "foundation settlement" occurs. A building's weight, orientation, and current surrounding climate affect the ground beneath it. These factors will cause it to sink, shift, contract, and compact.

Sandy and loamy New Jersey soil, known as "Downer Soil," further complicates construction. Settlement in downer soil can cause sagging joists and girders that spawn cracks in the foundation.

Decay and Infestation

Factors like termites, moisture, mold, erosion, and rot can often wreak havoc on a crawl space structure, causing it to weaken. Addressing the source of the problem is a must for a safe structural repair. Rushing to solve a structural problem instead of hiring a professional team is often stressful and dangerous.

It's always beneficial to have a professional contractor like Hale Built repair solutions that saves you emotional energy, time, and money. When structural decay occurs, you'll likely see tell-tale signs in your home, such as:

  1. Uneven Floors
  2. Floor Cracks
  3. Drywall Cracks
  4. Improperly Functioning Doors and Windows
  5. Tilted or Sunken Basement (Crawl Space) Supports
  6. Wet, Moist, Moldy, or Rotting Wood

Inadequate Supports

Building standards are ever-evolving. With older homes, the support system may often not adhere to current construction guidelines. Joists placed too far apart or spaced out may cause girders to collapse, making uneven floors. The joists and girders may need repair if your home exhibits any of these symptoms.

We repair, replace, and add structural support beams in various environments, such as low-overhead crawl spaces. With over 70 years of experience in local New Jersey homes and buildings, we know supports are essential for safe and healthy structures. Please don't wait until it's too late!

Get in contact with our expert contractors if you suspect a decaying foundation.

How to Identify and Mitigate Damaged Floor Joists

Identifying a damaged floor joist is valuable for any homeowner when dealing with structural damage issues. Proprietors can find damaged joists by looking for tell-tale signs, such as sagging floors, off-angled, ill-functioning doors or windows, and creaking or squeaky floors.

If your home is experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, we recommend you take some time to investigate your structure's subfloors and joists before starting any repair work. To help you discern whether your home needs joist repairs, we advise that you look for damaged joists from water damage, severe weather, pests, foundation settlement, or general old age to be sure that repairs are necessary.

How to Identify Damaged Ceiling Joists

Identifying damaged ceiling joists is no small feat, but being able to pinpoint the problem can help you determine the scope of the repair job. For starters, use a visual aid by standing at one end of the room and looking at the corner diagonally opposite you.

This allows for any bent or warped joists to be more easily recognized. Check for tell-tale signs such as sagging spots on your ceiling, cracks in wall corners, unevenness on your walls, and certain textures inconsistent across your ceiling. If these are detected, there may be an issue with your ceiling joists.

The exterior inspection is also important, as peeling paint, boards that twist rather than bend, and mold and water damage signify trouble brewing beneath the surface. But, if damaged ceiling joists are identified in time, repairs can get underway swiftly, so your structure remains safe and sound!

Various Types of Floor Joists

When it comes to floor joists, there are a variety of options depending on the project. For example, truss-type engineered joists are often used on projects that require greater structural integrity and stability than those provided by existing solid lumber or LVL (laminated veneer lumber) joists.

Steel joists provide an even higher level of stability, while wood I-beam joists are great for support in some areas. Each solution works differently depending on your specific project needs and requirements, so working with an experienced construction contractor is essential in selecting the best floor joist choice.

Our Joist Repair Process

Repairing and replacing existing floor joists and ceiling joists is critical in any construction project. Repairing a damaged joist typically involves reinforcing it by adding a sister joist with construction adhesive side-by-side with the existing joist, ensuring that both are framed securely together.

We want to note the dangers of ignoring the damage to existing joists, which can lead to dangerous structural issues for any structure, as well as high costs in time and money for construction contractors later on down the line. Ultimately, ensuring existing joists are repaired or replaced quickly and correctly is essential in any good quality construction job.

The Average Cost of Joist Repair Solutions

For New Jersey residents considering joist repair solutions, the cost per square foot can vary based on several factors, such as the scope of the project and the cost of materials. Larger projects may stretch beyond a per-square-foot model, so it is important for clients to take into account any additional charges that could be associated with their project.

If you postpone repairs, it'll result in more frequent and expensive "band-aid" fixes, adding up quickly and having long-term financial implications for proprietors. There are ways to mitigate potential costs before starting a repair project.

For example, getting multiple estimates from contractors and requesting discounts or special offers can help manage expenses in the short term and ensure that you get quality service.

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If your property is in need of joist repair services, you're in luck! Hale Built Group's joist repair service page is full of valuable tips and advice to help get the job done quickly and effectively. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can confidently offer detailed instructions to replace or repair your joists quickly. Get started today on your joist repair project with a comprehensive estimate or by calling Hale Built's expert contractors, who are more than happy to answer any questions.

So don't procrastinate! - get your joist repairs taken care of today!

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