Roadway Shoring & Lagging: Cream Ridge, NJ

Dividing Main street down the yellow line with H-pile soldier beams and timber lagging for an environmental remediation. Working closely with all involved, HBG Deep Foundations crew underpinned the adjacent structure and installed over 100ft of lagging to 9ft depth.

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We received a call about a roadway that was becoming unstable & sinking. Our skilled deep foundation team was able to quickly put together a plan of action. Hale Built Group was instrumental in the process, ensuring we had all of the necessary materials and equipment needed for the extensive deep foundation job. Our crew understood the risks since there was an adjacent structure just a few feet away, so they used specialized gear and equipment to ensure the job was done safely.
The deep foundation crew got to work early and were able to safely install the H pile soldier beams along the roadway. We had excavators in there making sure to properly install this pile system. The crew worked hard throughout the day to make sure each pile was placed in an effective location to support the roadway. Our crew moved over to the structure that was starting to sink along with the roadway. We installed timber piles and concrete caissons to stabilize the structure of the building. During this process we made sure to block off the road, but only for the time we needed. This helped guarantee minimal traffic disruption all while keeping the community safe.
The crew completed the project on time and within budget with no issues or delays. We are pleased to say that the roadway has been stabilized and is now safe for everyday use! Our crew was able to make sure the roadway and the structure were both up to code and compliant with all safety regulations. We are confident that this project will last for years to come. Our team at Hale Built is proud of the work we have done for the Cream Ridge community!
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