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Your home deserves the utmost care and precision regarding relocation onto a new foundation. At Hale Built Group, we specialize in providing exceptional home elevation services beyond conventional moving. Whether you're seeking to preserve a historic building's legacy, safeguard your beloved family home, or embark on a one-of-a-kind architectural project, our team possesses the expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and years of experience to execute the task flawlessly. Ready to get moving?

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Reasons for Home Relocation: Finding Your Perfect Spot with Hale Built Group

Embarking on a home relocation journey opens up a world of exciting possibilities. At Hale Built Group, we understand that your reasons for making a move are as unique as you are. Whether you're yearning to escape the risks of flooding that haunt flood-prone states, craving the allure of new neighborhoods, envisioning a new foundation for your cherished home, longing for an enhanced view that takes your breath away, or considering elevation to ensure the utmost safety, our team is dedicated to making your dream a reality. 

Here are just a few reasons why many choose to relocate their properties:
lifted and moved home new flooring
Escaping the Risks of Property Damage
A New, Stronger Foundation
Flood Protection
Stability From Soil Settlement
Enhancing Your Living Experience
Improved Foundation Sublevel
Safer Communities
New Structural Elements
A Change of Scenery
Foundation Elevation

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Ready to embark on a seamless home relocation journey in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic? Hale Built Group's dedicated team guides you at every step, whether to escape flood risks, seek a better living experience, enhance your foundation, embrace a captivating view, or elevate your home for added safety. Let us bring your vision to life - reach out now and start your home relocation with confidence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, prospective clients can discover the ins and outs of home moving. Our FAQ section has you covered with answers to the most common inquiries about our home moving services. Read on to gain the knowledge and assurance you need to tackle your distinct structural relocation project confidently.
How Long Does the Home Moving Process Typically Take?
The home moving process duration varies based on home size and distance. Depending on your specific circumstances, it can take a few days to a few weeks.
Can Any Home Be Moved?
While most homes can be moved, structural integrity and design influence movability. Our experts will assess your home's suitability for relocation.
Who Handles Permits & Approvals for the Relocation?
We handle permits and approvals for your home relocation, taking care of the necessary documentation and navigating local regulations on your behalf.
How Long Does the Home Moving Process Take?
The home moving process duration depends on factors like project complexity. It involves assessment, site preparation, lifting and moving the home, transportation, and placement on the new foundation.
What Are the Phases of Home Relocation?
Home relocation phases include assessment, site prep, utility coordination, lifting and moving, transportation, and final placement. Each phase is meticulously planned and executed for a successful relocation.
How Much Does Home Moving Cost?
Home moving costs vary based on home size, distance, and additional services required. We offer personalized quotes to provide a transparent and competitive estimate.

We Provide Expert Home Moving Solutions in NJ & The Mid-Atlantic Region

Have more questions or need further assistance with your home moving project? Contact us today! We proudly serve the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Delaware. Our experienced team is here to address your inquiries and provide the guidance you need. We also offer comprehensive inspection services to ensure a smooth and successful relocation. Contact Hale Built Group for personalized assistance and peace of mind throughout your home-moving journey.
water side house lift and move nj

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